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Volume 2: Health Insurance, Part I

1945 - 2008: Paging Doctor Frankenstein “You can check out any time you want. But you can never leave!” - Eagles Nobody would have deliberately set out to design the health insurance system we have. It makes no sense. Incentives are misplaced, negative externalities abound, inefficiencies are layered on inefficiencies. And the politics of health insurance are toxic; any changes that are made will produce some winners and some losers, and people who are currently satisfied reasonably fear change. We are going to tackle this system in 3 parts. Part I describes how our health insurance system came to be. Part II will describe what the Affordable Care Act, or “ACA”, did and why. With a new admin

Volume 1: Social Security

Three Trillion Dollars in a Filing Cabinet “You really should read the OASDI Trustees Report,” - Anonymous Like so many pieces of advice I’ve given to my friends, I would guess this one has literally never been followed. But why haven’t you read the report? If you work for 40 years and earn $100,000 per year, by the time you retire you will have invested $496,000 into Social Security, based on current tax policy. Do you have other large investments that you know nothing about? Despite being a constant in political discussions, and representing annual payments of $888 billion – 24% of the federal government’s budget – most people have no idea what Social Security is, how it works or what its



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