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It's Arrived!

Actually, It's No ay

After more than a year of effort by myself and many others, my first book, Actually, It's Not Easy, is ready! If you like what you've read in the Commentary, this is exactly the same, but much better.

Should you choose to go forward and undergo the adventure of reading this fine work, you have a few choices.

If you are cost-conscious, environmentally-friendly, or device-addicted, I recommend buying the eBook. It is available from Amazon at this link. If you prefer a less meta-physical medium, or are in need of a coaster, it is also available in paperback. You can buy it from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or directly from my publisher, Lulu Press. I encourage you to buy from any of them, but please buy from the sites directly (there are some bots that try to resell new books).

When you buy your copy, I'll also be so bold as to ask a favor: leave a review. Reviews are what help me move up sales rankings, which in turn helps me sell more books. Qualitative reviews are better, but even if you only have time to click on "5 stars" then I still greatly appreciate it. You can even review the book at each of the above sites (copy/paste will work just fine).

Some people have also asked about getting a signed copy. I'm happy to facilitate this: email me at and I'll tell you how. Or, just bring your copy (and a pen) the next time you see me.

Also important: please let me know about any issues with either the book itself, or your ability to receive it. Most books have errors in their first revision, I'm sure mine is no better than Faulkner's or Hemingway's.

Thanks and hope you enjoy,


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