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Volume 6: Health Insurance, Part III

Obamacare: The Long War “I’m not on Obamacare. My health insurance is through the ACA.” – Twitter, various Almost seven years after its passage, the Affordable Care Act hasn’t become any less controversial. Historically, after they are passed, most pieces of legislation “settle down” into implementation mode as even opponents try to make the law work as well as possible. Not so here – from the day of its passage, its opponents have tried to dismantle the so-called “disaster”, while its proponents have refused to consider going back. How do we best consider the effects of this complex law? Rather than making value judgments about how our health insurance system should work, let’s judge the AC

Volume 5: Four Months in 1933

Springtime for Hitler “The composition of the Cabinet leaves Herr Hitler no scope for gratification of any dictatorial ambition.” –The New York Times, January 31, 1933 The Weimar Republic has gotten a bad rap. Created following a sudden defeat, replacing the 400-year-old Hohenzollern dynasty, and attached to the crushing reparations debt of Versailles, the leaders of the first representative government of the Germanic people faced obstacles that would crush any new nation. It made mistakes and had failures, but it also achieved a golden era of economic stability and burgeoning culture. It was no more destined to fail than any other new state. Adolf Hilter rose to become führer und Reichskanz



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