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The Utter Myth of Voter Fraud: Kris Kobach

Among the swirl of other news, we had a new Executive Order yesterday. The President has created a commission to look for voter fraud. One needn’t look far to find bi-partisan, expert opinions that are highly opposed to the commission.

Rick Hasen at Election Law Blog has helpfully compiled a group of expert concerns including:

Helpfully, the EO defines fraudulent voting for us, “the act of casting a non-provisional ballot or multiple ballots with knowledge that casting the ballot of ballots is illegal.” We know from Twitter that our President believes that “voter fraud”, which was apparently concentrated in non-electoral-college-critical states like California, resulted in his losing the popular vote. He claims that 3 to 5 million fraudulent votes were cast; to this point he has offered literally no evidence thereof. I’m planning to write more about voter fraud in upcoming weeks, but let’s talk first about the Committee’s Vice-Chair, Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach.

Before achieving elected office, Kobach began his career by sticking his nose into various types of anti-immigrant activity, such as the notoriously harsh SB 1070 in Arizona. He invented Mitt Romney’s famous and widely mocked “