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Obamacare: What do Private Actors Think

So I came across this thread, from Andy Slavitt, who was President Obama's head of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid. He is probably the single person in Obama's government most responsible for the implementation of the ACA.

Out of a job now, he seems to have some time on his hands. And if you look at the thread, he plans to spend it by touring the country and talking to executives at various companies in the world of health.

You can read the thread on your own (and I encourage you to follow @ASlavitt), but my two takes are that:

1. Consistent feedback that the ACA is a net positive for the financial health of the companies he's spoken to. Lower bad debt, better margins, hospitals seeing patient volume growth.

2. Just uncertainty over possible actions by the new administration is hurting investment ("6billion$+ projects have been frozen since inauguration/repeal talk"). Cancellations of these types of projects are massively contractionary for the economy.

And I guess I'd also add that I'm heartened that executives at these companies are focused on what this means for patients. What I learn from this is that "repeal and delay", which might be a good political strategy, would be disastrous for people who would need medical attention.

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