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The Book Launch Party

For once, we go light on the words and heavy on the images.

For everybody who was able to able to join for the party, my profound thanks and I hope you thoroughly enjoyed yourself. For those who weren't able to...well, there might be more opportunities to hear me read.

If you haven't bought the book yet, right now would be a great time. If you have, please please leave feedback on Amazon.

And now, some pictures.


Getting started. By the end, we'd finished these and many more. Thanks to Ryan Smith from Fork and Saber for the food and Jesse Warner-Levine from Convive Wine and Spirits for the wine!

Stepping up for the reading...

The reading - notice everybody at rapt attention.

Time for some Q&A. Fortunately, nobody asked questions about Bayesian statistics or algebraic topology.

And then we signed some books. Note how seriously I take the signing of the books.

And a special thanks to those who traveled from out of town to attend, those who served as strategic advisors on the Commentary project, and especially those who did both!

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