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EPIC adventure: Live-Tweeting the American Healthcare Act (or, "AHA!")

Tonight, starting at 7:30 EST, we will be live-tweeting all 60 or 120 pages (reporting isn't clear) of the "AHA!" Act. I will read the entire bill, line by line, and tell you what the lines mean. Then you don't have to read it, ever. I promise.

To get involved live, you MUST follow @Lobby_Seven. There is no other way. Unless you wait and then I'll post it here later.

Most importantly - what are your questions? Send them to me on twitter, FB, here, anywhere. This is going to be EPIC you want to get involved.

Remember, @realDonaldTrump has promised us:

  • "Something terrific"

  • "A lot less expensive"

  • "I'm going to take care of everybody"

  • "Great healthcare for a fraction of the price"

  • "Immediately! Fast! Quick!"

Now we can take a look and see how it turned out. Will these guys still be smiling after tonight's event?

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